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The successful VBAC of Levi Carter 7/13/2012 - Birth Stories

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The successful VBAC of Levi Carter 7/13/2012

It was a Thursday evening on July 12th when I was 38 weeks, 2 days pregnant that I began to feel some contractions that felt stronger than normal braxton hicks. They began around 5pm and from 5-7pm, I had about a dozen that really caught me off guard. Around 8pm, I got my daughter in bed and things really took off. I suddenly began having moderately strong contractions from 4-7 minutes apart. I think I was in denial that I was in real labor, because I had several oddballs that would be 9 minutes apart or so, and that had me doubting. But I used a contraction app on my Iphone to keep track of them, and found that over the course of several hours, the average was 4 minutes apart and around 40 seconds long. Finally around 10:30pm, I was getting really weary (I had been sitting on the birth ball most of this time, just timing, and I was tired). I didn't want to slow the contractions down, but I just needed some rest. So I got in bed, and sure enough, they slowed to 8-12 minutes apart. I still couldn't get any rest, because when they did come, they were painful. So around midnight, I got up and things started to pick up again. More birth ball... walking around.. I tried to sit in the rocking chair, but that proved to be painful. I felt a lot of pain in my lower back and pelvis. Suddenly around 2am, things changed and started to get really serious. The contractions were coming on average, every 3 minutes!! I knew something was REALLY up now. I called Robby at work, right around 3am knowing that was when his shift was over anyway. He was home by 3:30am. My father in law had already showed up to stay the night and listen for my daughter Lily. Robby and I jumped in the car and headed to the hospital, with several strong contractions hitting me on the way there.

Once to the hospital, I was taken to an observation room, hooked up to the monitors and laid down on the bed. Once again the contractions slowed when I laid down. Still close together, but more like 5-6 minutes apart.
4am- They checked me and said I was 2cm and 80% effaced. I had hoped I would be a bit more dilated, but I wasn't disappointed either. However, I knew this wasn't quite progressed enough to be admitted and I did NOT want to go back home!! So I asked if I could walk around the hospital a bit more and see what would happen. They said yes, I should try to walk for an hour. So from 4-5am my husband and I walked laps down the hall. Contractions were every few minutes. They were very consistent, because I would make one trip down the hall and they would hit me at the very same spot in the hallway every time.
5am- I went back to the observation room. They checked me and I was still 2cm. This was upsetting. I begged not to be sent home. They said that the new doctor on call for the day would be in at 7am and if I wanted to walk for two hours and then have her check me, I could. So there I went again, walking around for the better part of two hours.
7am- I was checked, not by the dr on call, but the nurse that had checked me before. I was 3cm. Still not great, but progress finally! They told me to wait to talk to the doctor on call.
8:30- I was checked by Dr. Singh, the Dr. on call for the day. 4cm. I being admitted!! Yay! I insisted that they do an ultrasound to be sure the baby was head down before I went through any more pain. They did, and he was definitely head down!!
I wanted to speed things along as much as possible, so we decided to do MORE walking. I walked for over an hour, from 9-10:30am. Things started to get more painful with every contraction. I had really hoped to have a med-free birth, but suddenly things went from painful to unbelievably mind blowing. Around 11:30am, I BEGGED with all I had, for an epidural. The anesthesiologist came in and I've never been so happy to see someone. The contractions were SO painful and hard at this point. Getting the epidural was very painful.. not the actual procedure, but the fact that I had to lean over the edge of the bed (nearly impossible) while in the middle of terrible contractions. Robby had to hold on to me to keep me steady, but finally it was in. I felt one mild contraction and then all the pain just faded away. I couldn't feel a thing. Sweet, sweet relief.
Time seemed to pass faster at this point. They said I was 5-6 cm. I just laid in bed and closed my eyes and rested a little bit, while my body did the work yet I could not feel it. It was amazing.
I guess it was around 1:30pm when I was checked and they said I was 10cm. I could feel just a teeny bit of pressure and the nurse said Levi was “coming down the hatch”. I still couldn't believe that everything was working out for me to have a VBAC. I kept asking things like if he was actually coming down... was he stuck.. they said everything looked great. Around 2pm, the doctor and all her staff came into the room and started setting up. Things seemed REAL now. The bed was prepared for delivery. The little baby bed and warmer was brought in. Everyone was in their scrubs and I couldn't believe this was happening. They put my legs in the stirrups and told me that I was going to start pushing soon. And then they told me how. They would have me push while they counted to 10, then I would take a breath and do it again. We would do 3-4 sets of counting to 10, and then stop for a couple minutes and wait for another contraction. I had NO idea when I was having a contraction – they would watch the monitor, and feel my stomach, and tell me when to push. It was a very, very odd feeling because I could kind of move my legs, but I really couldn't feel much of anything else, including “where” I was pushing. I just kinda did my best but couldn't really feel what I was doing. I've heard some people complain about this with an epidural birth, but it didn't bother me! They said I was doing it just right, and it was working. So no worries!
I think this pushing lasted about 30-40 minutes. It really did not feel that long. I did not know how I was progressing, whether or not the baby was showing itself yet or not. My mother in law was taking photos of it all, and she said she could see the baby. I couldn't see anything (they had a mirror, but I specifically said I did NOT want to see anything). But all of a sudden, they said the head was about to come out – and there it was !! I could see, and I was quite freaked out. Another two pushes, and out came my baby boy !! They suctioned him for a minute, and then laid him on my chest. Robby cut the cord. I don't remember everything, other than the absolute amazing feeling that I had DONE IT... no C-section .. he was out and he was safe, and it all worked out!! Levi Pressley Carter was born on July 13th, 2:50pm. It was Friday the 13th but it was certainly not unlucky. He weighed 7lbs 11oz and was 21” inches long. I came out of it all relatively unharmed. The doctor did give me an episiotomy, but it was not a very extensive one. There was a good bit of pain the first night, but I was up and walking around well the next day. We were told we could get discharged just 24 hours after the birth, but we decided to stay a second night. Still, we went home less than 48 hours later, much different than with my C-section. Overall, it was a great experience. A happy and successful VBAC that I will never forget!!


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Beautiful!!!! Sooooooo happy for you that you got your vbac!!!!!


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Beautiful story! So glad you got your VBAC!


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Its so beautiful...........i am really surprised....well done.

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