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Crazy cycle...heartburn as pms or preg symptom?? - Am I Pregnant?

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Crazy cycle...heartburn as pms or preg symptom??

Hi ladies! I'm new to the site and new to this forum, so I'm looking forward to getting to know you all. I'm hoping you have some insights for me...here's my story (sorry it's a little long):

Got PPAF in May, 14 months after DD was born. She was still BF during that first cycle, which was relatively normal for me - mine are always a little on the longer side but my charts showed that I O'd and everything was fine. Then she decided to wean (she was only bf at night so it was a quick process) and the next cycle, which I am now on cd 54 of, has been crazy!! It looked like I O'd on cd 37, but then my temps went back down and the charting software took my O date away (you can see my chart at the link in my signature) and now my temps are all over the place

Okay that's the backstory, but here's what's going on now...I have been having nausea for like 2 or 3 weeks now. It's normal for me to get nausea for a day or two before AF, along with dull achy cramps. But this nausea has been different...feeling a lot like the nausea I had when pg with DD. I called my dr about it because it lasted so long and my period was not coming and hpt's were showing up negative - and she told me that my hormones were probably still a little crazy from just starting cycles up again and from stopping bf so recently. Which makes sense to me. She also said to try not taking my prenatals for a week and see if that helped (because I had recently switched to a different brand). It is seeming to help, which is strange because I have taken all kinds of brands of prenatals and NEVER been sick from them before. I have also had slight cramping for about a week, which doesn't feel like AF cramps but more like round ligament pain. And now the past 3 or 4 days I have been having a ton of heartburn - I have NEVER had heartburn in my life except when I was pg with my DD.

Now, all those signs sound like early pregnancy, but I keep getting negative HPT's!! I keep thinking maybe I *could* be pregnant, but then I never had any symptoms at all with my daughter until at least 7 weeks along, and if I was pg and far enough along to have these kind of symptoms, should an hpt be positive by now?? And wouldn't you be able to tell on my chart? Anyone ever find out they were pg when the tests weren't showing it? OR anyone ever have brand new pms symptoms show up out of nowhere since all these things are not normal at all for pms for me? I'm just going crazy since my dr wants me to wait at least another month with no AF before coming in to see her and I just don't want to waste time since we're ttc!

Edit: Okay, I think it's not showing my signature because I'm new...so here's the chart link if you want it: FF chart


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Old August 20th, 2011, 05:37 PM   #2
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Wow your temps are allover the place and there is no clear thermal shift to show that you ovulated...Since you keep getting BFN, I would wait a few more days and see what happens


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Old August 20th, 2011, 07:01 PM   #3
Moon River

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Whew! Good for you taking all those temps! Your chart looks annovulatory though. Maybe your body is just getting back to normal after everything? I'd say because of the negative HPTs, you aren't pregnant, BUT you could ovulate at any time....so maybe just keep the BD up whenever you get a positive OPK or EWCM. GL!!


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Old August 21st, 2011, 11:32 AM   #4
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I'd say you're going through "the change". No..not THAT change...the insane changes after BFing ends. I would have sworn I was pregnant for several months after I stopped BFing DS1. If you're trying I'd just keep BDing every 2 days or so and hope to strike it lukcy. =)


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Old September 5th, 2014, 05:29 AM   #5


I can't believe that you and my cousin is in the same situation now.


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Old September 6th, 2014, 06:47 PM   #6
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Oh man! After my son weaned at 22 months, my hormones went all whacky- it took my cycle about 6 months to get back to normal, and then BAM...PMS. I thought I was preggo because my boobs were sore before AF, no- just getting hit with PMS.

I hope you get an answer, but if you are TTC you should be able to see your doc for pre-conception counseling anyway and get your cycles back to normal.


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crazy, cycle...heartburn, preg, symptom??
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