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Welcome to LTTTC *useful links, please read!* - Fertility Problems, Treatments & Long Term TTC

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Arrow Welcome to LTTTC *useful links, please read!*

Infertility hurts.

It doesn't matter if it is explained or unexplained, primary or secondary.

It doesn't matter if it is treated with high-tech ART (assisted reproductive therapy), with monitored or unmonitored ovarian stimulation prescriptions, or with non-traditional, herbal, low-cost at home treatments, or with no treatment at all.

While we're sorry that your journey to conceive has come to this bridge in the road, we are glad that you are here so that we can help you across it.

Please feel free to follow any of the links below for useful, informative, supportive, and even fun threads and/or sub-forums within the LTTTC forum.

2014 LTTTC Roll Call
Stop in and tell us a little about you

Blinkies made by TMP members, plus links around the web.

2014 LTTTC BFP List
A list of our grads with links to their announcements and their DDC's

Supplement Thread
A thorough list of supplements our LTTTC girls and DH's have used, how they work, and where you can read up on them to discuss with your doctor.

Supplemet list for men and women recommended by an RE
A complete supplement list for men and women RECOMMENDED by an RE! Very helpful!

Infertility Grants
Information on grants and financial assistance for fertility treatments and adoption processes.

Useful questions to ask about IVF
A thread with lots of questions to ask regarding IVF. Feel free to add any info you think will be helpful!

Top 10 Things I Learned During IVF
A thread with 10 very helpful points about the entire IVF process.

Infertility Grants
A useful thread with links to fertility grants and other information. Some of the grants are no longer available, but still helpful information. Feel free to add any info that is useful!

Gentle Whispers of Hope
Struggling with all that LTTTC brings and just want to vent about it?
This is the perfect place to get it off your chest.
This forum is a siggy free forum for all TMP members to show their support.

Our Journals
If you'd like to start (or catch up on) your own or others TTC journey Journals

Graduation Station
To stalk our grads and see how they, their pregnancies, and their babies are doing, and a perfect stepping stone for you when you graduate with a bfp of your own.

I'm Losing It!
Our own weight loss forum with a journaling subforum and a passworded picture forum. PM a guide for the password once you have become active in the forum.

LTTTC Private Chat
A private forum for members of LTTTC to chat, vent or share support with other LTTTC members. To gain access please Click Here for more information.


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You are so on top of things Maddy!


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*useful, links*, ltttc
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