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Originally Posted by Dante View Post
Glad the girls are doing well in school Megan and making new friends. They have always been too, too sweet! Glad sweet puppy is doing well too. She is just so fluffy looking - I want to touch her!!!

Good vibes for your kitty. I was taking care of a neighbor's cat a few weeks ago & it was sick. I'm not a cat person but could tell her tummy was a mess. When I talked to my neighbor's about it they said they had taken her to the vet that week & it could possibly be a stress reaction. She hates the vet so they take her infrequently. The vet ended up giving me two prescription to help her belly & then her nerves. All because of a vet visit.

So good luck!
Would love to make that a reality. . .play date with the two of us and all our girls. Nora would have as much fun as the human children.

Kelly actually did really well last night. . .I think in her older body she just decided it wasn't worth the fight anymore. Poor kitty. I was actually shocked at how well she did (of course she was a grump when we got home hissing at me and growling at Nora ) But all was forgiven by this morning. The vet was just as I hoped, they listened to my concerns, checked what they could without upsetting Kel too much then sent us on our way. I'm so sorry your poor neighbors kitty has such a rough time too. . .these furbabies sure can be a handful sometimes.


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