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Originally Posted by gracefaith View Post
Add to your diet? Hmmm....I would definitely increase your intake of digestive enzymes and probiotics. If you can break down the proteins more in your system, it might helps some on his end. You can also get probiotics for your kiddo - BioGaia is one brand that comes to mind right off hand. You could also try a colic water for him. Things like fennel and licorice can help calm the reflux. I also know people who swear by colic water with dill in it - even if it does make your kid smell like a pickle.

Sleeping arrangements on an incline are a great idea. The Tucker Sling is one. A hammock bed like Amby or one by Arm's Reach (Cocoon Sleeper? Dreamer? Something like that) is another great option. I already plan on getting a hammock bed for kid#2.

You could also try chiropractic adjustments - especially something that focuses on the plates in the back of the head. One reflux theory is that it is cause by the baby getting twisted up during birth.

Nothing works as well as an elimination diet though it does take a few weeks to show results.
I took Lilly when she was constipated and it really helped her. She went like clockwork for the month after. She does get bunged up occasionally now but it doesnt make her cry like it used to. They are so gentle when they do this and there is no cracking involved what so ever.


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