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Originally Posted by cnd29 View Post
My guy has 2 "strawberries" which are hemangiomas but they're on his back. I'm told they should go away eventually but it'll take a long time, more than just 2 years. Not sure if that's the same thing though.
You know, I really wonder if it might be a hemangioma. I'm looking at progressions of hemangiomas online and it looks pretty similar to hers (below, birth to just a few minutes ago at almost 9 weeks). It looks like they can start getting pretty gnarly around 5 or 6 months or so. As you can see, there's been a ton of change in hers. Lately the skin on it has been getting kind of flaky and crusty. Coconut oil seems to help somewhat but not totally. The one between her eyes has not changed like this. What has the progression with your kiddo been like, cnd29?


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